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    5 months ago - April 7, 2014













    This was really interesting. 

    What in the living hell did I just watch?

    A child sick of the repetitions in his life.

    I am glad I took time out of my day to watch this 


    //I’m sorry if it pisses people off that I have this on my blog but this is literally everything that truly upsets me in my personal life.

    • The way they have the student’s as numbers really got to me on a personal level I can’t even begin to describe. My school boards treat us as if we are just simply numbers, that’s why we have ‘student numbers’ that we use for everything.
    • The horrible pollution and toxins we are practically pouring into the air we need to survive.
    • The way the teacher just looked at him like he was an ‘it’ and not an actual person.
    • The way they graded the students not even caring.
    • The way it literally BROKE not only him but an entire generation.
    • The worse part is the ending because not only did he save the dogs life, that he had watched die everyday, he died himself doing something different for once in his life.
    • Not to mention that’s probably the first and last time he has ever laughed.

    Sorry for ranting I just needed to get this off my chest.

    oh my god and then the pictures. how we’re allowed to be “individuals” and “think creatively” but all of the pictures were just slight variations of the same thing- what they wanted us to draw.

    and then the part where he starts shaking and the teacher looks so confused. because the teacher cannot comprehend why a student could POSSIBLY be unhappy when he/she gets such good grades.

    this video is beautiful, and worth the 4 minutes of your life to watch

    just the fact the children’s mouths are zipped up goes to show how we as children have no voice, just silenced in order to conform to what is deemed as normality. but when the zips break, and the kids escape we see they all run in the same direction (apart from the main character), which to me says how despite the opportunity of freedom and individuality, we dont know of anything else, how to do things by one’s self, so we progress in a similar conformity as from the start.

    also, there’s the mask that the teacher wears, which kinda says how we only know what we see, not what lies underneath.

    Also a fantastic use of Chopin’s funeral march.

    and note how even when their zippers break they still have no voice.

    This was absolutely terrifying and amazing at the same time

    I wish I saw this when I was in school.

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    this video is so important

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    Selena talking about Demi at the unite4:humanity event tonight. (2:52)

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    6 months ago - February 24, 2014

    me:what do you call a nun in a wheel chair?
    me:Virgin Mobile
    mum:go to your room

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    She wakes in the night and whispers, oh so quiet

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    I need some fucking bottles of oxygen right now.

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    Little accidents…

    Oh demi

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